New Staff Rhoda OC Allure Yorba Linda CA

Our team makes sure our patients are fully informed, fully prepared and fully empowered to make aesthetic choices that meet their expectations and improve their quality of life. Cosmetic surgery and procedures are a very personal choice and we value your decision to trust our expertise.  Dr. Weissman, Dr. Fowers, and Rodora Helring combine a caring approach with a highly refined eye for aesthetic detail to provide exceptional results for all of Allure’s patients. 

From Left to right:

Dr. Adam Weissman, MD

Dr. Weissman has been practicing full-time Emergency Medicine for 8 years in community hospitals and trauma centers and has extensive experience in pain management  and Orthopedics. He regularly treats chronic back pain, pinched nerves, and spinal disk diseases. Additionally, he is certified in Medical Aesthetics and Anti-Aging and has been offering these services for 10 years. He is licensed to practice medicine in both California and Florida.

Rodora (Rhoda) T. Helring, RN, BSN, Aesthetic RN, Clinical Manager

Known for her gentle touch and a favorite among celebrities, Rhoda’s vast experience and ingenious therapeutic sense are the heart and soul of Allure’ Med Aesthetics.  Her knowledge and irrepressible personality keep our 1000+ satisfied clients coming back for more

Michelle Gediman – Office Manager

Michelle is the backbone of Allure’s client hospitality and service. Michelle has worked closely with Rhoda and together they make an unbeatable team

Dr. Frank Fowers, MD, Surgeon

Dr. Fowers known for specialized Smart Lipo and Body Contouring. Allure’ is excited about their endeavors together. Frank Fower, MD, Surgical Director, Allure’ Med Aesthetics, FASOCP: A board Certified BCEM, Physician, Fellow American Society of Cosmetic Physicians, has been performing Smart Lipo since 2008 and has done hundreds of cases and trained many other doctors who are using this innovative new technology.