Featured tips, information and encouragement from Rhoda Helring’s vast experience and ingenious therapeutic sense.  

Lunch Break Makeover that lasts…

What if I told you that in the same amount of time it takes for a lunch break you could rejuvenate your skin “inside out” to help look more youthful and healthy.  You’d say, “Tell me more.”

Allure’ Med Aesthetics, Inc. in beautiful Yorba Linda, California is excited to offer their Timeless Transformation.  This Timeless Transformation is a 5 part system that will leave you with the best of the best of skin rejuvenation.FullSizeRender (5)

Your experience will start from the time you walk in the door until you leave ready to face the world anew.  When you arrive at Allure’ Med you’ll be surrounded by relaxing colors and music.  You’ll then get comfy in a beautiful spa recliner and the transformation begins.

  • First the DiamondTome™: Deep exfoliation: fantastic for melasma, brown spots, wrinkles, fine lines, oily & acne prone skin and more.  This system can be customized to the client’s individual skin type and is for anyone who wants deep exfoliation and deep product penetration. The results are instant.  Using the patented technology of DiamondTome™ exfoliation first, followed by the Hydro Wand® you can penetrate, hydrate, and nourishes the skin all in one treatment!
  • Then time to continue with the rejuvenation of your skin. The LimeLight Facial is a new, non-invasive approach to treating benign pigmented and vascular lesions. The procedure offers the advantage of improving skin tone and surface imperfections associated with aging and photo damage.  The LimeLight Facial is ideal for any part of your face, neck and décolleté with skin redness, telangiectasia (tiny veins) or brown spots. Light (low contrast) brown spots, which were previously difficult to resolve, respond very well to treatment.
  • Human skin can speak volumes about one’s health, and indeed is a reflection of inner health the vast majority of time. Yet, sometimes no matter what steps a person takes his or her skin looks older than desired. This can be the result of stress, excess sun exposure, insufficient antioxidants, metabolic conditions and a myriad of other factors. This does not necessarily mean that a person is not healthy on the inside, yet the skin may not fully embody that radiant glow from within. It is not necessary to passively accept this reflection of a person’s inner level of wellness. Next up to combat this problem is Ultra sound which will help absorb hyaluronic solution to your surface of your skin.
  • Genesis: Firms and tightens skin. Laser Genesis Skin Therapy uses advanced science to achieve vibrant, even skin tone and smooth texture in both men and women. Light penetrates deeply into the skin where collagen is manufactured, stimulating an increase of new collagen production. Unlike harsher methods, this is done without destroying the upper layers of skin (non-ablative). The Laser Genesis procedure safely, discretely and effectively treats scars, uneven textures, fine line wrinkles and large pores. The result is skin with smoother texture and a healthier appearance. The skin is gently warmed during this procedure, and daily activities may be resumed right away. This is truly a rejuvenating experience with no downtime.
  • Oxygen: Refreshes skin after treatment. Oxygen therapy is ideal for mature or dry skin, but can be beneficial to many skin types. Whether male or female, young or old, this skin treatment can be an effective and relaxing process. It is believed that oxygen can stimulate the growth of new cells as well as restore skin moisture. Oxygen is also used to detoxify the skin. Harmful toxins are washed away and replaced by healthy nutrients. The oxygen propels these nutrients to the skin cells, thus promoting healing, moisturizing, firming, and conditioning. 

Rodora (Rhoda) Helring, RN, BSN, Aesthetics RN at Allure’ Med Aesthetics, Inc. is known for her gentle touch. She is the best in Orange County and Los Angeles and trusted among celebrities.  Once you’ve met Rhoda you simple can’t go anywhere else.  You can trust Allure Med Aesthetics, Inc.  for all your Botox, Radiesse, Restylane, Juvederm and other anti-aging therapies. Laser hair removal is also available.

Looking good on the outside may help us heal in the inside, and that is exactly why Rhoda and Allure’ Med Aesthetics, twice a year pick a woman from the community  give them a boast of self-esteem by     giving them the gift of turning back the hands of time on their skin. 

Allure’ loves to work with women who are caregivers.  Caregivers are just that giving care most of their time.  Women often neglect themselves putting others first and in turn can become depressed.  When you feel better on the outside, it can help give you’re the strength and stamina to continue on.  During their time of transformation, they are surrounded with beautiful sites and people.  Who doesn’t want to be pampered, especially if your main time is spent caring for others?   When a person is down, it can become a spiral affect, not wanting to get out of the house, exercise or make good food choices.  A trip to Rhoda for encouragement has never failed.  Women leave feeling more beautiful inside and out.

Each patient is different and before any treatment is starting the patient is required to come to for an initial exam and consultation to determine extent and degree of the treatment care plan. 



RADIESSE dermal filler works with your own body in a remarkable way. Upon injection, it immediately adds volume to safely contour, correct, and beautify facial features. And unlike other fillers, RADIESSE dermal filler continues to work over time. With its patented microsphere technology, it starts a process called collagenesis, stimulating your body to produce new collagen and encouraging collagen to grow around the injection area. RADIESSE dermal filler actually helps your body create its own naturally younger look, setting a new standard in facial contouring and augmentation.

Allure' Front Desk

Allure’ Front Desk

RADIESSE is a safe dermal filler that has been clinically tested extensively for years, with excellent safety and efficacy results. It has received CE mark certification, two FDA approvals, and a number of FDA clearances. RADIESSE dermal filler is made from a biocompatible substance that’s identical to what’s naturally found in the body. There’s virtually no risk of allergic reaction, and there have been very few side effects reported in clinical trials and actual use.

Treatment with RADIESSE dermal filler is so simple and convenient; it can be performed during a lunch hour. You’ll see immediate and long-lasting results right away – and these results may last up to a year or more for many patients. The long-lasting effects of RADIESSE dermal filler can reduce the need for retreatment, which saves you time and money compared with other fillers.

These are the areas that RADIESSE can be used on:  Nasolabial Folds, Radial Lip Lines, Pre-Jowl Sulcus and Marionette Lines, Perioral Contouring, Nasolabial Folds, Cheek Contouring and Periobital Rim, Cheek Augmentation and Nasollabila Folds, Cheek Augmentation, Lipoatrophy, Non-surgical Rhinoplasty, Nasolabial Tip Projection, Jaw Line Contouring, Chin Augmentation, Mental Crease, and any other place on your face you can think of a funny name for.

RADIESSE stays soft and pliable and will take on the characteristics of the surrounding tissue.  A RADIESSE correction should last around two years.  Individual results may vary, affected by age, skin type, lifestyle and muscle activity.

RADIESSE has better results using 30% less volume than Restylane.  That is why I trust Dr. Thomas Powers to perform my long lasting results with RADIESSE facial filler.


Dermal Fillers Are Used To Restore Volume and Fullness

… in the Lip Area, Face, Cheek, Skin, Under Eye,  And Around The Mouth.

I don’t think we get the full picture when we think lip fillers.  Call for your consultation.  Learn from Rhoda who is an artist.  She studies your face, looks at it’s overall structure and makes suggestions from there.   Dermal fillers are used to improve the appearance of your lips? The good news is that you have many options to improve the appearance of your lips. Rhoda will be upfront and honest with you concerning your desires and your end goal results. 

The Guide To Getting Good Botox

Botox: Everybody’s getting it, but nobody’s talking about it. Which is unfortunate because A) culture of shame much? and B) the dearth of information leads to a lot of no good, very bad facial freezing, and time wasted wishing eyebrows would even out again. Which is why I asked four doctors who specialize in the field for the truth about making Botox last longer, how to avoid looking like Kim Cattrall pre-transformation in Mannequin, tips to minimize bruising, and other good stuff. Here’s the real deal on all your (hopefully not literally) burning Botox questions:

How can I get Botox without looking like I’ve, you know…had Botox?

‘It’s always better to get less than you think you ‘need’, then come back for a follow-up if you decide you want more later. I never want someone to overdo it,” cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank advises.

Is leaning forward or getting on a plane going to mess up my Botox?

‘They used to tell people not to lie down for four hours or not to get on an airplane for a day,” according to cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi. “All those issues have been debunked. It’s perfectly fine to put your head down, it’s fine to put makeup over the area—it’s fine to do everything,”

How can I reduce my risk of bruising?

Down arnica tabs (maybe): Arnica might provide all-natural help for bruising and swelling, so several of the doctors recommend their patients take them for a few days before and after their treatment. “There aren’t any great studies to back up its efficacy, but a lot of people swear by them, and unless you’re allergic, they certainly can’t hurt,” Dr. Frank adds.

Skip the gym: “I tell my patients I’d prefer they not exercise on the day of treatment,” Dr. Tanzi recommends. “Not because it’s dangerous or bad for the Botox, but because it increases their risk of bruising,”

Also, don’t take blood thinners if you can: All the doctors say they tell their patients to avoid aspirin, Motrin, Aleve, ibuprofen, fish oil supplements, and omega 3s for a week before coming in if possible—they all thin your blood, which makes bruising more likely.

Is there any way to make my Botox last longer?

Maybe—Dr. Tanzi says studies suggest that moving the muscles you just had injected may actually help Botox last longer. As a bonus, making a bunch of weird faces while you’re walking back from the doctor’s office will probably also help you avoid interacting with anyone.

Is there a “better’ angle for someone to inject Botox at?

‘The angle of injection is only really important around the eyes,” says plastic surgeon Dr. Stafford Broumand,”You want a very superficial injection, just barely under the skin,” Dermatologist Dr. David Colbert agrees: “If you inject really superficially, you’re less likely to see bruising, too,” And the only way to get just barely under the skin is to come in at an angle. So if you go for a consultation about crows’ feet and the doctor says he injects Botox the exact same way on every facial area…well, maybe look for another doctor.

Also make sure your doctor isn’t treating you under that low faux-mantic medispa lighting. “You want to make sure you have good, bright light so you can see all the small veins under the skin and avoid them,” Dr. Colbert warns.

How much Botox should you use, really?

Apparently much less than Groupon deals would suggest. Most of the doctors said that, while the actual units vary patient to patient, they generally use Botox very lightly in their younger patients (those in their twenties and thirties), and never with a heavy hand in general. A doctor might initially use around 10 units in someone’s forehead, because younger patients’ muscles react very well even at lower doses. That way, your forehead still moves normally, but the muscles are suitably relaxed.

If you’re worried about looking unnatural, the doctors all agreed that the most important thing to do is find a licensed dermatologist or plastic surgeon, go for a consultation before you actually go ahead with the procedure, and tell the doctor expressly that for you, less is more. If they still aren’t listening at that point, you should leave.  (reprinted from Into The Gloss by Lacey Gattis)


At some point, it’s hard to ignore the vivid signs of aging you see in the mirror — little wrinkles around your eyes or lips, age spots, maybe some sagging skin. There used to be few options for turning back the clock without going under the knife. But today, you can soften the effects of time on your face with many nonsurgical cosmetic procedures.

Tips from Allure’s Rhoda:

Whether you are the reigning queen of the selfie, or just love an occasional night-out photo, we can all agree that the dreaded double chin can ruin an otherwise beautiful shot. Here’s how to avoid it using a few beauty tricks-of-the-trade, as well as an option for those of us whose descending and depressing double chins might require a bit more than trickery to deftly disguise.

Hair: Much like our hair can make us look younger or older, thinner or heavier, it can also directly impact how our chin appears! Try to avoid blunt cuts that make your hair end exactly at the base of your chin – this will only draw attention to the area! Keep your hair at a flattering length for your face shape that is either above the chin or a bit below. Bangs can also draw the eye up and away from the chin area.

Contouring: Facial contouring with makeup, which has gained in popularity in recent years, is practically real-life Photoshop! Wearing makeup the right way can actually make us look younger, build facial structure where there was virtually none, and even create the illusion of strong, well-defined cheekbones. Contouring is also a great trick to implement to address that extra chin! By using chin-enhancing contouring techniques, you can trick the world into thinking your chin has more depth than it does. This gives the impression that the chin is thinner and further away than it actually is! I pull this off by using a slightly darker shade of bb cream (or maybe even a touch of bronzer) at the base of my chin. Make sure to blend well! The worst thing to do would be to create a look that makes you appear to have a dingy chin rather than a thinner one!

Clothing: If you are trying to draw attention away from your chin, don’t wear clothing that draws attention in that direction! This is common sense folks – you never want to emphasize what you’re trying to conceal. Likewise, you may want to stay away from high-neck options like turtlenecks. Consider the opposite like an awesome scoop, boat neck or V-neck, drawing attention to your delicate décolletage instead! Accessories can also help draw the eye elsewhere. A pretty pair of earrings can play double-duty as a chic ensemble addition and a distraction!

And these big pointers will help with that face of yours!beauty-tips-332x166

Avoid the Sun:  This should be written in a neon sign at the top of this list. Sun exposure is the number one cause of wrinkles … more than heredity. Numerous studies have shown siblings have huge variances in the amount of wrinkles they acquire later in life, which can be directly correlated to differences in the amount of sun exposure they’ve had.

Don’t Smoke:  Smoking breaks down collagen and elastin in your skin leaving it loose and prone to sagging and wrinkles.

Sleep on Your Back:  The way you sleep does cause sleep lines which turn into wrinkles over time. It is best to sleep on your back. If that is impossible, then swap your cotton pillowcase for a satin one. Alternatively, you could replace your pillow with a beauty sleep pillow made with a special foam, with a unique shape that alleviates pressure on the face.

Give Yourself a Facial Massage:  Facial massage is an ancient Japanese practice which involves simply pressing and stroking the face. This small addition to your regimen will help slough off dead skin, increase blood flow, reduce puffiness, remove toxins and help soften wrinkles. Tip: Use a light milky moisturizer, with your finger tips and palms always moving in a circular motion and directed upward with mild pressure and repeat daily.

Wear Sunscreen:  Clearly, we can’t really strictly adhere to number 1 and live as hermits indoors. That would be depressing and who would get to see our young fresh faces in the best natural light? So, the next best thing is sunblock. Wear it daily and unsparingly.

Use a Moisturizer with Retinol at Night:  You should moisturize daily to keep your skin hydrated, but if you’re trying to prevent wrinkles, Retinol will add that extra oomph. It will help slough off the dead skin and promote the production of collagen which will help keep those little lines at bay.


Timeless transition is made up of 6 signature procedures to restore and renew your skin. 

The main procedure used is Titan for skin tightening. 

TIMELESS TRANSITION 360 –  Mini Facelift – No Downtime – No Pain

A Proven System to Help You Look as Young as You Feel

Our signature treatment brings together six scientifically advanced procedures to restore your skin’s natural beauty and radiance.

This 6-step process works to erase spots and wrinkles, tighten skin, firm weak areas, and provide smooth, even tone and texture for a naturally youthful appearance:

  • Diamond Tone: Deep exfoliation with instant results.
  • Titan Mini Facelift: Skin tightening with no pain and no downtime.
  • LimeLight Facial: New non-invasive treatment for redness, tiny veins and brown spots.
  • Ultrasonic: Combats signs of stress, excess sun exposure, and a variety of metabolic conditions.
  • Laser Genesis: Safely and effectively treats scars, uneven textures, fine-line wrinkles, acne/acne scars and large pores.
  • Oxygen: Post-treatment process washes away harmful toxins rehydrates and nourishes skin cells.

Allure not only offers the best in skin tightening, but the best in:

  • Wrinkle removal
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Laser hair removal (permanent)
  • Facial hair removal
  • Botox
  • Radiesse
  • Restylane
  • Juvederm
  • Body contouring
  • Smart Lipo (fat reduction)
  • Skin-care products
  • Weight-loss products
  • Acne Removal

What is Titan?

Titan for skin tightening:   The Titan procedure is effective on loose skin on the face, jawline, neck as well as other areas on the body.  Titan utilizes a safe, infrared light to heat the dermis well below the skin’s surface. This heating can cause immediate collagen contraction. During the procedure, the skin’s surface (epidermis) is protected through continuous cooling with the Titan handpiece. After the procedure, new collagen growth results in further tightening and the development of a more youthful complexion with less lines, folds or looseness of the skin.
Who is the best candidate for Titan treatment?

The best candidates for Titan are those who have mild to moderate sagging.  The procedure can be safely done on the face, neck, and any part of the body.  It’s a noninvasive no-downtime procedure that’s well-tolerated.

Titan works best in patients with good skin tone and early skin laxity. That said  it will work for many patients not completely fitting this description, depending on expectations. A good evaluation at the time of consultation is always needed to determine patient needs vs desires and offer an honest discussion re what can be accomplished.

Many people notice signs of aging when skin begins to sag around the face and neck. Laser skin tightening is appropriate for men and women of all skin types and skin tones who wish to achieve dramatic results without painful surgery and lengthy recovery times. The most successful laser skin tightening candidates experience permanent results as the collagen under their skin is regenerated, producing a more youthful complexion. Laser skin tightening is a safe, effective way to lessen the effects of time. Using advanced laser technology, the collagen beneath the surface of the skin is heated, causing it to constrict, thus tightening loose facial skin and giving the appearance of firm, youthful skin with less fine lines and wrinkles.

Men and women between ages 30 and 60 are ideal candidates for laser skin tightening procedures. As long as you’re in good health, laser skin tightening can repair loose facial skin and reduce wrinkles and fine lines all over the body.

However, at Allure Med Aesthetics, Inc. in Yorba Linda, California, Rhoda is seeing great results with her patients that are well into their 70’s.  Rhoda’s signature treatments and angelic touch are the reasons why there is no age limit for her patients.

The honesty that Rhoda shows is worth the consultation.  She will tell you upfront if she can be your go to beauty restoration or if you should see a doctor.  Patients with extreme skin laxity might consider combining another surgery, such as a face lift, with skin tightening to remove excess skin while diminishing surface wrinkles and rejuvenating the firmness of their healthy complexions. Laser skin tightening is an effective, minimally invasive option for people of all skin types and skin tones.

When can I expect to see results?

Patients generally notice immediate results following a laser skin tightening session, and further tightening is achieved over the next several months as new collagen grows. Depending on the areas being treated, most patients require more than one skin tightening treatment to achieve maximum results, but the effects are permanent. Unlike having a face lift, laser skin tightening requires no recovery and does not stretch the skin – it causes skin to tighten on its own. And, there is no downtime and little chance of side effects involved with skin tightening.

Laser skin tightening offers many of the same results as plastic surgery without the lengthy recovery time. While the procedure cannot remove excess skin, patients experience tightening of loose skin immediately, with less wrinkles in the treated area and a firmer, healthier-looking complexion. Laser skin tightening requires no recovery after treatment because it is a non-surgical procedure that involves no incisions.

Typical laser skin tightening results are visible for up to two years, and many patients find that they can extend their optimal results with a few touch-up treatments. After roughly two years, another series of treatments may be necessary to promote the growth of new collagen, which will be reabsorbed into the body over time.

From personal experience and those of my friends, when the treatment is done we see results.  Then over time the results continue to improve.  Most patients notice changes in the tone and condition of their skin immediately following a skin tightening treatment. However, because the procedure is designed to stimulate the natural growth of collagen, the patient’s optimal results may take up to a few months to be visible. Typically, new collagen growth takes from 90 to 180 days after the initial treatment, at which time patients enjoy a dramatically rejuvenated appearance.  A single treatment has produced good results for many patients.

How long do results last?

Patients are typically coming in for a maintenance treatment per year.

What does laser skin tightening treatment feel like?

Laser skin tightening treatment should not be painful. With each Titan pulse, you will feel a brief heating sensation. Some patients are more comfortable taking a mild pain reliever beforehand. Many patients are comfortable without anything.

Before treatment, the practitioner will smooth an anesthetic cream over the area to be affected in order to minimize the risk of any discomfort for the patient. Most patients who undergo skin tightening treatment experience only minor discomfort in the form of a heating sensation. This is usually eased by the regular cooling blasts of air produced by the laser skin tightening hand piece, which increases patient comfort and prevents the epidermis, or outer layer of skin, from burning. It is also fairly common for patients to experience a mild stinging sensation from the laser, which is most commonly compared to the sensation of a rubber band being snapped against the skin. Any discomfort encountered by patients during a laser skin tightening session should resolve itself within minutes of the treatment session, though patients may feel some warmth in the treated skin for up to 48 hours after treatment.

During treatment, your laser practitioner will use a small hand piece to apply quick pulses of laser light to your skin. Patients may feel a gradual warming sensation at the treatment area, and could feel brief discomfort which is often described as similar to the sensation caused by a snapping rubber band on the skin. Most patients comment that the discomfort they feel during laser skin tightening is minimal, and it is usually resolved within minutes of the procedure’s completion.

Is Laser Skin Tightening is a safe?

Laser skin tightening is a safe and painless way to rejuvenate the appearance of skin in any area of the body. Unlike other treatments, such as laser skin resurfacing, which promote the growth of new skin by removing superficial layers of the patient’s skin the patient’s existing skin, laser skin tightening does not burn or break the skin. Patients who undergo skin tightening experience very few side effects and these are most often minor inconveniences in the form of redness or minimal and temporary swelling.

Risks and Benefits of Laser Skin Tightening?

The normal side effects of a laser skin tightening procedure may include redness and swelling, and should recede within a couple of days. In rare cases, patients experience bruising and blistering, and some patients experience changes in pigmentation of treated areas. Again, these side effects are very rare. The average skin tightening patient can expect only moderate redness and possible swelling during laser skin tightening recovery, and will be able to resume his or her lifestyle immediately.

Laser skin tightening helps patients to look and feel younger by stimulating collagen regeneration under the surface of the skin. Wrinkles and fine lines on the forehead, around and eyes and mouth, and on the neck and body, fade away as new collagen fills in the skin’s surface blemishes. There are no incisions or injections and, since the laser system cools the upper layers of skin while heating collagen down below, patients experience minimal discomfort.

After laser skin tightening, results will be immediately visible, and the rejuvenating effects of increased collagen production will become markedly more noticeable in the months following treatment. Immediately after treatment, patients may notice that the affected skin is red and slightly warm, but this usually resolves itself within a few hours. Since treated skin is especially delicate, most laser skin tightening practitioners recommend that patients protect the treated area with sunscreen for at least two weeks following their treatment. Permanent negative side effects of laser skin tightening are very rare, and patients who experience prolonged redness, swelling, or any other disturbance to the treated skin are advised to contact their doctor.

Returning to Work after Skin Tightening Treatment?

There is no downtime necessary for laser skin tightening recovery; in fact, patients can return to work or play immediately following a laser skin tightening treatment session. The most common visible side effect of laser skin tightening is mild redness, and this can be safely hidden with a little make-up and should resolve itself within hours of treatment. Patients should not experience any pain during or following laser skin tightening; however, any discomfort can be treated with over-the-counter pain medications.

  • Look years younger!
  • Treats lax and sagging skin
  • Treats any area of the body such as the neck, double chin, abdomen, knees, forehead, and crow’s feet
  • Stimulates long-term collagen growth
  • Is safe, comfortable and non-surgical
  • Alternative to liposuction
  • NO downtime!


FDA gives the nod to Ultherapy for noninvasive skin lifting?

When most people agonize about fleshy extra skin under the chin or concentric rings on the neck, they immediately think about getting a facelift. Certainly, a facelift would do the trick but some cannot face a surgical procedure. Now, there’s an alternative noninvasive procedure called “Ultherapy” that lifts via “sound,” is commonly known as ultrasound but yields less dramatic results than a facelift.

Ultherapy has now been vetted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a “face and neck ultrasound procedure that is clinically proven to noninvasively lift skin on the neck, under the chin and above the brow.” It works without benefit of chemicals or foreign substances, relying on natural healing to lift the skin over a period of time, usually three to six months.

To create a lift in the skin, the goal of Ultherapy, the sound wave gets bumped up. The pulses are prolonged, converge for deep penetrations and allow the energy to narrow in on the same collagen-rich layer that is treated in a facelift.

Long and short ultrasound pulses are used to image and then treat. Using imaging, practitioners visualize different skin layers. In the treatment phase the concentrated sound wave energy supposedly encourages select cells to produce new collagen and elastin over time. The ultrasound is diluted at superficial skin layers, so that the skin’s surface is not affected.  Following an hour of treatment, you may resume all activities, but there can be swelling and bruising. Ultherapy is definitely not pain free but some facial areas are more painful than others. Doctors may use oral sedation and local anesthesia injection.

And now that you know about skin tightening and Rhoda’s signature treatment call Michelle and set up your free consultation today!

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