Thank you Rhoda and Team Allure for giving my teenagers and I back our handsome and beautiful faces. Your care has restored our complexions and we are forever grateful for your expert skills in acne treatments.” I loved my appointment and my results.  Rhoda is one of the most personable people I have met in my two plus years of living in California. She does a wonderful job and is highly skilled without losing that gentle personal touch.  She taught as she treated and that is a wonderful bonus.  Vallerie T

On the home page for Allure Med Aesthetics it say “You don’t have to be a celebrity to look like one”  with Rhoda’s expert touch and extensive knowledge she will have you looking like a celebrity and with her caring personality she will make you feel like you are a celebrity.  I have been Rhoda’s client for several years and would highly recommend their signature treatment Timeless Transition.  Not only have the treatments made the overall appearance of my skin younger and healthier but a scar on my cheek has all but disappeared!  My thanks to Rhoda for her skill and kindness, and to staff being so nice and helpful too.  Lynette O.

I would just like to thank you and share with all of you how great Rhoda is. When I first came to meet Rhoda I had seen so many doctors and aestheticians and had been given so many different types of medication, but nothing that they did helped to get rid of what they had diagnosed as adult acne. After seeing all of these people, trying various medications, and spending thousands of dollars my face still only got worse not better. Then I met Rhoda and upon examining my face she diagnosed me with a staph infection. She knew exactly how to fix it and let me know exactly how long it would take to heal. So I did exactly what she said and today my face is all healed. I highly recommend that anyone out there having a problem with their face stop wasting their time and money. The answer is coming in making appointment with Rhoda. Just do what she recommends and see how great you can look. – Liz McCarthy

Allure’ is the most amazing Medical Aesthetics clinic.  The “Purple Atmosphere” is very relaxing.  The staff is very friendly and welcoming.  Rhoda and Michelle are always welcoming adorable and ready to please.  Nurse Rhoda has the most delicate hands in the North County area. I would recommend Allure’ to everyone.  Jamie M.

I’m a heart health expert and advocate for women’s heart disease awareness.  I would not recommend anything or anyone if I didn’t think it was in the best interest of overall health.  When you visit Rhoda at Allure’ you will get a fresher, younger looking appearance, but your attitude will greatly improve by spending time with Rhoda.  I count Rhoda as a friend now, and I’ve been seeing her personally and recommending her to others for over 6 years. – Lois Trader

Without revealing my secrets, let’s just say everyone here is awesome. If you are looking for a place to conceal your secrets, make an appointment with Rhoda. The Brilliant Distinctions program is pretty cool! My $20 coupon is ready to be used tomorrow. Discreetly.  S.G

I was very happy with the service I received… Very friendly staff.  The nurse Rhoda that did my Botox did a wonderful job.  The Timeless Transition 360 was amazing, I feel and look like I’ve had a mini face lift.  I feel radiant and more confident…  Thank you Rhoda. I have been as she calls it “Rhoda-Fied”  Can’t wait to go back!! – Mikki G

I love this place!!! I get everything done there and I am very happy with the results.  Rhoda and Michelle are just awesome.  Very friendly and I always feel like I am at home.  The timeless transformation makes me get compliments for my flawless skin all the time.  Thank you. I love you guys……….. Hanan, Yorba Linda, CA

I have been a client of Rhoda’s for 7 years and there is nothing this woman cannot fix or fill , she is a true Artist. The Timeless Transition is a priceless treatment not to be missed, it is a mini face lift without the surgery. After every visit I cannot tell you how many people comment on my flawless skin , she truly performs magic! I have gone to the best doctors in Beverly Hills and Newport for fillers…..none of them hold a candle to Rhoda’s attention to detail. Another added bonus…. Allure Skin Care line is comparable to “Liquid Gold” a must try for all. – Pamela L.

I received the timeless beauty as a gift and I was very reluctant to try any laser or medical product on my face. I have a few sunspots on the left upper cheeks near my eyes and it was getting darker every day. Rhoda assured that this procedure will help minimize it. And there will be no down time. It wasn’t uncomfortable at all, and after the procedure I didn’t notice any changes to my face except I was surprise the spots got darker. I was so worried and I was told my fellow coworkers that it’s normal and it will fall off like a scab. After 3 days I notice changes and today am the 6 the day, my face cleared up. After all these years trying to conceal it and I am happy that my skin is close to flawless. I will definitely get this treatment again as recommended. – Xx.N

I met Rhoda this year through another very happy client. Why I love Rhoda is because she pays attention to what I want and she kindly adds suggestions with her expertise AND has techniques that I’ve never seen before!!! She makes the aging process fun! I take it in stride knowing I can do it gracefully with little touch-ups along the way in the best hands. Besides that Rhoda has a heart of gold! Michelle Macis – Fashion Designer and Retailer

Got my refill on this finally! Been a couple of months since I ran out & boy could I see the difference of not having this in my skincare regimen. All skin types can benefit from RBK (Liquid Gold), it's RX strength firms and fades. dark spots. I get f\my products directly from Allure Med Spa in Yorba Linda, CA. Nothing comes close, nothing like it. G*d Bless Rhoda!! Jordana Morgan

My name is Megan and I was referred to Rhoda by a trusted friend when I was looking for a great resource in laser hair removal. I am presently in the middle of my treatments, and already I couldn’t be more pleased. The progress is already evident, and I am confident I will be 100% delighted with the end result! From the beginning, Rhoda treated me like I was her most important client – her friendly and professional demeanor makes each visit positive. But most importantly, her thoroughness has been clear in each session, reflecting her desire to provide outstanding work and ensure my complete satisfaction. And it shows. Thanks to what I’ve seen so far, I’ve started making new appointments for some of Rhoda’s other treatments! I am sure I will continue visiting Rhoda and her team much more in the future! Megan

This group cares for their patients.  I have worked in the medical field for 20 years and I have never seen such great medical care anywhere else. Last year the doctor did body contouring on me, and I feel as though I am a teenager now, I am 50 years old and my body looks like a 19 year old.  Rhoda is friendly and cares and wants you feel your best.  When I walk out of their office I feel like a million dollars and to think I am still losing weight on my body contouring.  The doctor's smiles and is always happy and he really wants you to walk out of his office with a new body.  It may be something small at first, we started on my arms.  When you hit 50 arms are so important because they look thick and I get self-conscious but he made me look like a million dollars.  We started slow on the things I wanted and I wouldn’t change a thing.  Allure will help with your goals small or large. Every day I look at myself I have to thank this office because they built my self-esteem up. Thank goodness I found Allure and the doctors and of course Rhoda!! She is the best.  They have the best team especially if you are trying to get your body back on track!!I  I broke up with my boyfriend three years ago gained 50 lbs. and during the weight loss Rhonda took care of my skin and gave me the confidence I needed.   I am a business woman that fell apart and I found them at the right time.  Now I walk into my meetings with confidence and a giggle because a while ago I looked 50 lbs. overweight and now I have been losing weight quickly because of Allure's doctor and my skins glows because of Rhoda.  They saved me and they helped me during my break up and weight gain!! Just put it this way my daughter wears x-small gym pants we have different styles but the gym wear we like the same she cannot believe I am wearing the same size of pants she wears .  Try this group out you will be happy!! Lucy