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Timeless Transition 360 - Unique to Allure - 

No Down Time No Pain

Timeless Transition is a 5 part system that will leave you with the best of skin rejuvenation's available anywhere.  

Laugh lines and lip enhancement

Fillers to erase deep laugh lines and create full, luscious lips.

Botox, Radiesse, Restylane, Juvederm, Dysport, Revanesse Versa

For facial wrinkles, deep lines and indentations.

Buff and Polish

Rejuvenation and Firming


Spider vein removal


High-end laser procedures, fillers and our exclusive Allure pharmaceuticals.

Cellulite reduction



HOW WE STARTED..........

What began as a vision and a dream in Hollywood, California 19 years ago has now become a reality for North Orange County.  Allure Med Aesthetics relocated to Yorba Linda in May of 2013 and we are now providing our STAR treatment platform to well over 1000 clients in the area.

Our premiere treatment known as ‘Timeless Transition 360’ was birthed and perfected in the treatment of Hollywood Stars.  Like them, you have “No Time for Down Time”.  TT 360 will roll back the years on your face, with literally No Pain and No Downtime whatsoever.  It has been heralded as a radical departure from the norm of Medical Aesthetic procedures and our client testimonials prove their remarkable results and will validate our bold claims.

From our industry icon Medical Director, MD Mai Lai and Rhoda T. Helring, RN/BSN, Clinical Director, Allure delivers a professional team of seasoned practitioners. Together they provide a wide range of  Medical Aesthetic treatments.   Your results will be astonishing  from head to toe!!

Seeing is believing, and at Allure we know that every client we treat is a literal billboard for our practice.  We do not take that responsibility lightly.  Managed Care is a medical term.  At Allure we strive to achieve Managed Results.  From our talented professionals, our State of the Art equipment and our branded post treatment product line, Allure is a Med Aesthetic experience that is set apart just for you!

For more then a decade Allure has become a recognized leader in the field of aesthetic medicine, and our seasoned staff offers the finest in skin care as well as a complete Body Contouring treatment to a growing clientele. Our areas of expertise includes hair removal, wrinkle, and other anti-aging treatments. .  We also feature a wide range of Allure’s exclusive post-treatment products.  We recognize that each individual is different and because of that, Allure strives to provide a highly personal and caring experience for every customer.

We offer a wide variety of non-invasive, results-oriented treatments and the highest standards in medicine and customer care.



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